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do any of my friends even still use this site

i haven't been active on here in a long ass time


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United Kingdom
Kick reason to the curb and do the impossible!

tagged by :icondoodleroochu:

1) Gotta post the rules

2) Share 10 random facts about you
3) Answer 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and come up with 10 questions for the people you tagged
4) Tag 10 people in the journal
5) None of that "your tagged if you read that" sort of crap
7) No tag-backs 
8) Don't say you don't do tags, you wimpy cookie
9) Don't comment it. Make a journal.

Facts about me:
1) i like robots
2) i like gundam
3) ive played through skyrim about 8 times now
4) ttgl is my favourite anime everrrrrr
5) i used to drink dr pepper soooooo much but now i dont like it for some reason
6) i fucking love cuddles
7) people call me cute all the time but what they dont realise is that i take absorb their cuteness and am using it to summon the daedric lords to this plane
8) spider-man is my favourite superhero ever
9) i reaaaaaaaaally like collecting toys, particularly SH Figuarts, Figma, and Robot Damashii

Questions by the tagger:

1) Uhh.. Your favourite kind of weather? 
I like it when it's warm and there's a pleasant breeze and stuff

2) Are you weird like me and already excited for October because of HALLOWEEN!??
no i'm excited for october because I WON'T BE DYING IN THE HEAT

3) You're favourite Anime/manga/game character and whyy?? :D (Big Grin) (Bonus:what would you do if you spent a day with them?)
kamina because who the hell do you think he is?
i would probably steal his cape and glasses tbh

4) If you could get merchandise from anything, what would it be??
i'm stuck between gundam and ttgl tbh.
i reeeeeaally want the 00 robot damashiis but i also want the gurren lagann SRCs

5) If you could meet anyone, who would it be?
umm. that's tough. there's a few friends i really wanna meet.
can i pick all of them

6) Something you wish you could draw but you just can't seem to get it right? (keep going, ya can do it!!)

7) Favourite colour/s? XD
blue and orange

8) What would you change your name too if you could/would you want to?
kamina of course

9) The weirdest place that has given you inspiration for either a drawing or story idea?
a little graveyard hidden in the wilderness of a nearby park
10) Were the questions I gave ok? Did you like the tag? ; A ; I hope you did, sorry if you didn't :c

i'm kidding they were fine

My questions:
1) what's your favourite animu? if you don't watch anime, your favourite tv show?
2) coke or pepsi?
3) favourite super hero?
4) if you could have aaaaaaaanything right now, what would it be?
5) have any pets? if so, what are they?
6) play and vidja games? if so, gimme your top 5.
7) favourite drink?
8) just who the hell do you think i am?
9) goddamn coming up with questions is hard. do you also have trouble with this or is it just me?
10) duhhhhhhhhhhhhh. pretend this is a question.

I tag:
1) :iconisa-sparks:
2) :iconnavicii:
3) :iconbeckygoeschumbawumba:
4) :iconambiicruel:
5) :iconcairynnamayoshi:
  • Watching: Markiplier


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